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My Journey Through Domestic Violence and PTSD

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Letter To My Younger Self

To Myself from 6 Years Ago, I know this letter will be too late, but there are some things I wish you would have done differently. I wish...

Warning Signs: Are They Abusive?

How bad does it have to get before you say enough is enough? For me, took me 6 years of verbal, financial, emotional, and physical abuse...

Survivor Resources That Helped Me

When I first got back to Texas earlier this year, I felt so defeated for many reasons. I’d been living on my own for seven years. It was...

The First Time He Laid His Hands On Me

Why do we have repressed memories? According to Sigmund Freud, the brain forgets or blocks the memory as a protective mechanism when...

How I Left My Abusive Relationship

Earlier this year, I loaded up my car with my clothes, important documents, and the dogs. It took me three nights and four days. Leaving...

I am a Survivor

I met my abuser 6 years ago on a production set. He was the sound guy and I was the actress. He was engaging, thoughtful, and incredibly...

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