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My name is Sandy Garza. I am a daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, and friend. I am a flower with a voice. My story is very common but not often spoken about. So many stories like mine don’t have happy endings. Today, I sit here with a spirit of empowerment, grateful to be alive.


It took me many years to find my inner strength and self-worth. Every day is a fresh start, and I am grateful for every struggle and triumph. This is my story—my life, my tears, my scars. This is me.



A Flower With a Voice is my outlet for documenting my journey through what I’ve endured (and am still enduring) as a result of domestic violence and PTSD. I hope that by writing my journey down, I can help someone else, while also emboldening myself and offloading this toxic past.



Breaking the silence and bringing a voice to domestic violence. It’s never too late to speak up!

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